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 Darla...One Woman, Two Men, One Obsession

 Darla Sizzles in a Romance / Suspense Novel

By Diane Valterra

You will find Darla an exciting and intriguing novel. The ending will have you sitting on the edge of your chair. Talk about igniting your imagination, the novel Darla will certainly set you on fire. The love scenes alone will take you to a place you have only dreamed. No doubt, you will have a satisfying read. Darla is a must have for your bookshelf.
Darla awakens with great fear; amnesia sets the stage with a drama that isn’t expected. She struggles to rediscover her identity and longs for the security that has been ripped from her life. She had always been sheltered and protected until her world was turned upside-down. Now she is running from an unknown menace that threatens her freedom and future. Then the unimaginable happens, her nightmare becomes a reality. Her struggle intensifies against immense odds…will she be able to fight the evil and stay alive? The story of Darla is both innocent and steamy, with a leading man you will fall in love with. Emotions will soar as you travel through a novel of fear, mystery, suspense, and sizzling love that will ignite your desire.
You can order Darla on kindle and paperback. Visit Diane Valterra’s website for of news and information and view what other readers are saying about Darla.

We do not sell your email or spam you, let us know if you want to receive our

magazine once a month.

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